Copyright and Use License

Images purchased on TerraFly are © 1999-2005, includes material © Navigational Technologies and data created by the United States Geological Survey.

Web-Posting: Permission to Web-post imagery you have purchased from TerraFly in jpg or tiff formats is granted PROVIDED the posting is accompanied by a hyperlink and copyright notice prominently posted next/under the picture using the following html code:

&#169;<a href=""></a>, includes material &#169; Navigational Technologies.

Web-posting otherwise (but still with a copyright notice in another way/place that is legally binding) requires a license at $10 per megapixel, which can be obtained below.

TV broadcast of an image purchased from TerraFly involves a license surcharge of $10 per megapixel. A significant discount may be available in exchange for acknowledgement of TerraFly in the broadcast. Also, rebroadcasts of the same show have a 90% discount (which can be compounded with the acknowledgement discount).

Hard copies: You may print one hardcopy of the digital material purchased. License for printing extra hard copies is: $0.05 per megapixel per copy of jpg and tiff images or $0.15 per page per hardcopy of a TerraAtlas in PDF. This license can be purchased below. A free additional copy may be printed only to replace a damaged copy of the same product.

Please contact for further questions.

Reproduction Rights

Purchase reproduction rights to digital images previously purchased on in tiff or jpg formats or as a hardcopy photoprint:

product ID or description: 
width: pixels height: pixels
hardcopies:  permission to post on Web

Purchase hardcopy reproduction rights to a TerraAtlas previously purchased on in PDF:

product ID or description: 
pages in one copy:  hardcopies: